The MoMA Retrospective

Graduation project
This was a MoMA parody exhibition, held at Athens School of Fine Arts. Each piece of work aims to comment on certain artistic criteria that seem to result in a successful artistic behavior within the art-world.

Elements like the cold exhibitional environment of an art institution and the obsession of the artistic semi-religious experience, the singularity of the artistic object resulted from specific artistic dexterity, the elevated artistic persona and the remains of his actions as a spectacle, the theoretical transitions that artistic actions are sentenced to undergo, the collaboration of other fields of human research to re-dematerialize the artistic object, along with the fictitiousness of the artistic documentation and the theatrical (art as set) execution of the exhibition, comprise the guideline of this particular project.

The irony of the contradictive components of the seriousness of the object and the notion of Art-as-a-game, suggests that the artistic individuals' concept of change through art, of pursuing the ultimate, is naive.

September 16-18 2009